Italian Designer Sneakers

There’s no faking it ‘till you make it here, these Italian sneakers earned their designer title. Each piece of each sneaker comes from Italy, from the leather to the shoe box. And you’ll notice the difference. 

After a few weeks of wearing them, you’ll realize that our designer sneakers are unmatched in comfort and style. That’s the perk of high-quality leather that shapes exactly to your foot and lasts for years. 

And since looks matter too, each pair of designer leather sneakers features different textures. From semi-gloss to suede, these subtle accents create a designer sneaker that goes with anything, but stands confidently apart from other sneakers.

We get it, choosing a pair can be hard. Especially since women’s and men’s designer sneakers are one and the same around here. But who’s to say that black high-tops are specifically men’s sneakers? Not us, which means that anything is fair game.