Founder of Koio Chris and Johannes

Koio Founders, Johannes and Chris

Dare. Defy. Challenge Why

These are a few things we live by at Koio, a company created by two passionate sneakerheads who brought European sensibility and quality to American ambition and attitude.

It’s not every day that you deviate from the script and risk it all. But that’s exactly what we did when we realized we were both looking for high-end, well crafted sneakers that we’d feel good about wearing to meetings, to drinks—to wherever. When we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we decided we’d make them ourselves, and haven’t looked back since.

The key was finding a factory with the same beliefs and vision as ours. We went straight to the source—the heart of Italy, where dedicated craftspeople have been making shoes for centuries—and visited 34 factories. We chose the one that mirrored our vision for Koio: versatile style, impeccable quality and kick-ass design.

Now our sneakers are recognized around the world by those who move through life with purpose, pursuing and creating opportunities. Crafted with the finest calfskin leathers, hand-finished with unrivaled attention to detail, Koio are sneakers that dare to go anywhere.