Italian craft, straight from the source.
Hi, there. We're Koio ("koy-oh"). We make thoughtfully crafted — that means versatile and comfortable — sneakers to help you make the most of your day.

And we do it at a fair price. How? By going straight to the source, the heart of Italy, where we work with the world's best artisans and offer it directly to you without a traditional retail markup.
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Capri Triple White
Primo Nero Spikes
Capri Arena
Capri Fiore
Primo Crema
Primo Rosa
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Made in Italy, the Koio way
Made in Italy, the Koio way
Koio in the News
"The High-top You Meet in Heaven"
"If you wear them for even just a day, you'll see where your money's going. These aren't your average runner. They're elevated shoes that will wear beautifully—and elevate your whole look in the process"
"Move over Prada: Millennials can't get enough of Koio, an Italian sneaker company that sells luxury shoes for a fraction of the cost"
"New York sneaker brand KOIO have pursued their craft to produce the dream shoe; one that will accompany its wearers from the city streets to the night sky"
"Kendall Jenner's Go-To Tattoo Artist Just Designed Your Favorite New Sneaker"
"Koio’s Chanel-Quality Kicks At Shoestring Prices Disrupt Sneaker Market"

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