A sneaker at peak craftsmanship —
Italian from the leather to the laces.
Hi, there. We're Koio ("koy-oh"). We make thoughtfully crafted — that means versatile and comfortable — sneakers to help you make the most of your day.

And we do it at a fair price. How? By going straight to the source, the heart of Italy, where we work with the world's best artisans and offer it directly to you without a traditional retail markup.
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Primo Caramel Shearling
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Capri Roccia
Primo Crema
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Koio x James Whiteside
Koio in the News
"The High-top You Meet in Heaven"
"If you wear them for even just a day, you'll see where your money's going. These aren't your average runner. They're elevated shoes that will wear beautifully—and elevate your whole look in the process"
"Koio's Colorways Are Minimalist Gold"
"New York sneaker brand KOIO have pursued their craft to produce the dream shoe; one that will accompany its wearers from the city streets to the night sky"
"Kendall Jenner's Go-To Tattoo Artist Just Designed Your Favorite New Sneaker"
"Koio’s Chanel-Quality Kicks At Shoestring Prices Disrupt Sneaker Market"

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