A sneaker at peak craftsmanship —
Italian from the leather to the laces.
Hi, there. We're Koio. We make thoughtfully crafted (that means versatile and comfortable) sneakers to help you make the most of your day.

And we do it at a fair price. How? By going straight to the source — the heart of Italy — where we work with the world's best artisans and offer it directly to you — without a traditional retail markup.
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Capri Zafferano
Capri Roccia
Capri Bianco Canvas
Capri Vento
Capri Nero Canvas
Capri Perla Canvas
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Where the world’s finest materials and Italian craftsmanship collide.
– Finest Italian materials
– Durable construction
– Attention to detail
– Online first
– No middlemen
– Direct to you
For Your Journey
– Exceptional comfort
– Incredibly versatile
– Lasts for years

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