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Koio [say "Koy' oh"]

A symbol of being DARING and choosing FEARLESSLY. Worn by those who CREATE opportunity. Crafted in Italy with the finest materials, they're ready to relentlessly PURSUE anything YOU are. 

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"How I Ended My Hunt for Chunky (But Not Heavy!) Boots"

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"The Actually-Made-in-Italy. The guys of Koio wanted to craft world-class shoes, mission accomplished."

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"If you wear them for even just a day, you'll see where your money's going."

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"Move over Prada: Millennials can't get enough of Koio, an Italian sneaker company that sells luxury shoes for a fraction of the cost"

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"Meet KOIO: Leading Modern Luxury Footwear Into The Future"

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"Koio makes one of the comfortable and stylish sneakers ever to adorn a foot. These handmade beauties hail from Italy and Koio takes local sourcing to the extreme."

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"Koio’s Chanel-Quality Kicks At Shoestring Prices Disrupt Sneaker Market"

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"Is KOIO the New Common Project?"

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A note from KOIO about Covid-19

The KOIO team stands with the millions of affected people worldwide and in our local communities during COVID-19. We’re committed to keeping our Italian factory partners and NYC based team safe, our customers happy, and our business strong. Our COVID-19 FAQ page is being updated regularly, and if you have any additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email or call us, we’re here to help!