Italian craft, straight from the source.
Here at Koio [koy-oh], we make high quality leather accessories to inspire a high quality life. We believe in being bold and taking initiative to craft your own journey.

By championing a community of risk-takers and move-makers who find success in pursuing their passion, we hope to empower you to do the same. And rest assured, no matter where you’re headed, we’ll be there to support you - every step of the way.
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Capri Triple White
Capri Nero Spikes
Capri Arena
Capri Fiore
Primo Crema
Primo Rosa
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Made in Italy, the Koio way
Made in Italy, the Koio way
Koio in the News
"The High-top You Meet in Heaven"
"If you wear them for even just a day, you'll see where your money's going. These aren't your average runner. They're elevated shoes that will wear beautifully—and elevate your whole look in the process"
"Move over Prada: Millennials can't get enough of Koio, an Italian sneaker company that sells luxury shoes for a fraction of the cost"
"New York sneaker brand KOIO have pursued their craft to produce the dream shoe; one that will accompany its wearers from the city streets to the night sky"
"Kendall Jenner's Go-To Tattoo Artist Just Designed Your Favorite New Sneaker"
"Koio’s Chanel-Quality Kicks At Shoestring Prices Disrupt Sneaker Market"

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