Color is one of the most important elements to consider when shopping for new sneakers. In this guide, we explore the meanings of a variety of colors, discuss how versatile each one is, and help you decide whether you’d like it better on a high-top or low-top silhouette. It’ll make the whole process of deciding on a new pair so much easier.


The color white is believed to symbolize freshness and simplicity. The simplest wardrobes are often the freshest and the chicest, so a white sneaker is definitely a wise addition to yours.

Our collection is filled with white sneakers, and you can't go wrong with any of them. Choose from chunky silhouettes inspired by vintage styles, sporty silhouettes for everyday wear, and sleek silhouettes for the modern minimalist.


The color brown represents strength, resilience and dependability, so brown sneakers lend an air of power to those who wear them.

Our brown sneaker selection includes cool dark-browns, warm true-browns, and neutral beiges—each color is custom developed to ensure it looks tasteful and timeless no matter how you wear it.

If you’re searching for brown high-tops to wear on a casual night out, try the Primo in ‘Mocha.’ In the office, opt for a more refined low-top silhouette such as the Capri in ‘Castagna’—they’re like dress shoes, but so much more comfortable (think of them as a modern, smart-casual alternative to your brown oxfords). For weekend walks to your local coffee shop, you’ll love the Fuori in ‘Cognac.’


The color blue is often associated with freedom, trustworthiness, and intelligence, so you can wear blue sneakers knowing that your brilliance is clear for all to see.

If you’re considering blue sneakers, we’d recommend the Capri in ‘Avio,’ a deep navy hue that’s neither too bright nor too muted. It’s a classic, wear-anywhere shoe.


Grey is said to represent elegance, refinement, and sophistication, making grey shoes the perfect desk-to-dinner option.

Our core collection is packed with grey suede, grey leather, and grey canvas sneakers. Our bestselling Capri in ‘Nuvola’—a light-grey hue with neutral undertones—will look great with everything in your closet. If you prefer a true-grey shade, go for ‘Perla’ (also one of our most popular shades). And if you're more comfortable wearing deeper colors, you’ll love our dark-grey ‘Charcoal’ shoes.


Yellow is the color of happiness, positivity, and excitement. When you want to make a statement or a bold impact, go for yellow sneakers—they’re guaranteed to capture attention.

You might find limited-edition yellow sneakers in one of our seasonal collections. Act fast when we launch them, because our yellow sneakers are always popular.


Black is believed to be a symbol of sophistication and strength, so it's little wonder why black sneakers look sleek regardless of how they’re styled.

For an all-black, monochrome look, check out our ‘Nero’ sneakers. If you like a bit more contrast, go for Onyx, Carbon, or Coal.

We offer so many silhouettes in black, so consider where you’ll be wearing your black shoes while deciding on a pair. Here are some tips: the Portofino is ideal for the office, the Court and the Chelsea are great everyday shoes for autumn, the Elba is a must-have for warm-weather escapes, and the Capri is excellent for everything from nights out on the dance floor to busy days packed with meetings.


Green symbolizes growth, new beginnings, and balance. It’s a calming color to keep in your wardrobe.

If you’re more reserved when it comes to wearing color, opt for a muted grey-green ‘Moss’ hue, and if you want something more striking and invigorating, choose a bright ‘Emerald’ hue.

We launch green shoes on occasion, so keep an eye out if you’re into this color.


Pink has a fun and playful attitude, so pink shoes are a great way to liven up your outfit.

We recommend opting for a soft blush tone if you want a shoe that offers more versatility. Our ‘Dusk’ colorway is a great option because it’s muted and has neutral undertones. But you want to be the center of attention wherever you go, choose a shocking bright-pink sneaker.

We love the idea of pink low-tops because they’re more reliable when it comes to styling, but a pink high-top is ideal if you want to create a more attention-grabbing look.


Orange is associated with happiness, enthusiasm, and determination. Everyone loves to feel happy, so add a pop of color to your wardrobe with an orange sneaker.

In autumn, we love a deep, burnt ochre hue. It looks nice when paired with both black and white pants. If you really want to go wild, choose a more vivid true-orange hue that adds bold contrast to your outfits.

Keep in mind that orange shoes will make a statement regardless of silhouette. If you want them to be especially impactful, we recommend choosing a high-top silhouette.


Now that you know a bit more about what each color says, you can make more purposeful decisions when deciding on a sneaker. The best place to start is right here on our website, where you’ll find Italian-made sneakers in solid and multicolored hues.