Sneaker Color Guide | KOIO

What we all want to do: buy a pair of shoes in every color, today. What we’re actually going to do: pick one pair of shoes to buy. (If you can get a couple pairs, please do. Someone needs to fulfill our collective dream.) So, how do you pick? Here’s our guide to the many colors of the sneaker realm. Come on in, it looks great over here. 

Sneaker Color Guide | KOIO

White tennis shoes used to get a bad rap (think: chunky white running shoes paired with jeans). But white is a statement piece today. Chunky or slim. 
It’s Value: Freedom. White tennis shoes give you the freedom to take your style in any direction. Fancy, colorful, muted, sleek, wild, you get the picture. Go where you want, white shoes will go with you. 
Where You’ll Find Them: Where you are. Like we said, that’s the beauty of this classy color. It meets your pace.
What They Say: I belong wherever I want to be. So, here. Here is where I belong. 

Sneaker Color Guide | KOIO

Green is sturdy. With this hue, you’ll feel purposeful and solid.
It’s Value: Muted, but not. With green sneakers, you don’t have to choose between bright or reserved color. You get both. 
Where You’ll Find Them: A determined path toward achievements and service.   
What They Say: Need advice or a calm presence? Here I am.

Sneaker Color Guide | KOIO

Pink shoes are chock-full of energy. We recommend a blush tone, but feel free to rock something shocking. 
It’s Value: They’re invigorating. Turn up the volume a bit, or let your shoes do it for you. 
Where You’ll Find Them: Casually dangling out a car window (but we don’t recommend you try this at home, or in your car). 
What They Say: Wanna come to my party tonight?

Sneaker Color Guide | KOIO

Once there were brown oxfords, now there are brown sneakers. Embrace the versatility with brown.  
It’s Value: The taste of dress shoes combined with a modern attitude. 
Where You’ll Find Them: In the office building of a company that values their employee’s future. 
What They Say: I use lessons from history to move with the times. 

Sneaker Color Guide | KOIO

Pop. Orange comes at you and captures attention. But don’t feel shy about embracing this bright color. You might think orange clashes with too much. But give it a chance and you’ll see how it enhances what you have to give.
It’s Value: No apologies. Let your orange shoes prepare the world for an unstoppable you.  
Where You’ll Find Them: At the center of attention, and happy about it. 
What They Say: Sorry if you weren’t awake, but now you are. You’re welcome. 

Sneaker Color Guide | KOIO

Don’t underestimate this shade. Gray sneakers are packed with determination. 
It’s Value: Endless opportunities. The difference between light gray and dark gray is stark, and they’re both excellent. Gray suede? Tasteful. Gray leather? Chic. See what we mean. So many opportunities.  
Where You’ll Find Them: All over the place. Gray shoes make it past any bouncer.  
What They Say: I don’t need to be extravagant to be impactful.  

Sneaker Color Guide | KOIO

Isn’t there a song about blue suede shoes? Yes, yes there is. 
It’s Value: Building trust. Blue reminds people of your trustworthy, reliable qualities. 
Where You’ll Find Them: Next to another pair of shoes. They like to build relationships. 
What They Say: No problem, Jake. I was happy to help out. 

Sneaker Color Guide | KOIO

Nothing mellow here. Just excitement and vivacity.
It’s Value: Positivity. Yellow sneakers will fill the glass for you. You don’t have to wonder if it’s half full or half empty when it’s full to the brim. 
Where You’ll Find Them: On a dance floor, going all out.
What They Say: Damn, what a good day. 


Sneaker Color Guide | KOIO

There’s an acute mix of simplicity and impact in a black sneaker. Find out where it can take you.
It’s Value: Striking the room. Black sneakers make the statement, fast. 
Where You’ll Find Them: On the edge.
What They Say: Not sure, they’re the silent type.