White Leather Sneakers

There’s a shoe that defies all trends, yet complements them all. That’s minimalist, versatile, and goes with everything, anywhere—outfit after outfit. White leather sneakers: don’t overthink them. (we already did.)

For us, men’s and women’s white sneakers are one in the same. A testament to how dexterous they really are. Handmade in Italy by the world’s best craftspeople, our white sneakers are available in a handful of styles that each embody another version of perfect form. From the super-smooth curves of the low-top Capri to the elegantly eyeletted Gavia to the retro-inspired high-top Bianco and beyond, there’s a Koio style made exceptionally well for whatever your style.

Remember: whichever direction you choose will be the best one. Because in a good white leather sneaker, life never has to stop.