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This sneaker collection may seem like a list of timeless classics because of the grey and white color palette, but don’t let these neutral colors fool you, our grey and white sneakers were made for making a statement. 

All of our grey and white shoes are made with responsibly sourced Italian leather and are handcrafted by the world’s finest craftspeople. With so many styles to choose from, like the classic low-top Capri, the undeniably cool Primo, or the effortlessly sporty Aerobics, we guarantee that there’s a white or grey sneaker waiting for you in this collection. 

You’ll find that whether you’re headed for a night on the town or just running some errands, a pair of KOIO’s grey and white sneakers will be the perfect companion to your outfit. 

So stop searching around for the perfect pair of sneakers, you’ve already found them. Browse our collection of grey and white shoes to purchase a pair that will make you feel like you’re ready to take on the world. 


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