Men’s High-Top Sneakers

There’s a certain something to high-top sneakers and we’ve taken the time to find out just what it is. We’ve paired a minimalist look with the retro energy of high-tops. So from the Verse Brown in suede to the Primo Nero in pebble-grain leather, these men’s high-top sneakers enhance any style. They offer your foot a slimming look and come in colors that pair with any outfit. With limitless wardrobe options, you can wear them on repeat.

You don’t need to worry about quality because that’s always our first priority, and nothing has changed when it comes to our men’s high-top sneakers. Each shoe is handcrafted in Italy–in the city of Le Marche, to be exact. Our leather high-top sneakers are engineered to deliver functionality and comfort in each step. The leather’s quality gives the high-tops a longer lifespan and a curated fit.

If you’re looking for classic kicks, our men’s high-top sneakers are just the clear choice.