The greatest fashion statement of your life—what you are wearing on your wedding day. Since you were little, you dreamed of the dress you would wear and what your handsome partner would look like. Twirling in your little white dress, you could only imagine the elegance you would ensue walking down the aisle. 

With all eyes on you, your every choice is both adored and scrutinized. But that doesn't matter because this day is all about you. Wedding trends come and go. Pictures of your mom’s lace wedding dress and puffy sleeves confirm the obscurity of previous decades and makes you wonder if anything is really timeless these days. You crave exclusivity of style. 

The dress is chosen and you have one last decision—the shoes. Ahead of the curve, you have begun noticing top designers discuss the new wedding sneakers trend. We are not talking about the $30 pair you get at your local department store. No. The cutting edge of wedding sneakers is exclusive to high-end sneakers made from luxurious leather. 

Your mother surely didn’t wear a wedding dress with sneakers and neither did your next door neighbor. In fact, you can imagine the resistance you will get from your parents when you tell them. But doesn’t that make it even better? Isn’t resistance what making a fashion statement is all about? Avant garde is all about pushing against mainstream thought patterns with unconventional apparel and matches. And you are avant garde. 

Bridal Sneakers

Each bride is entitled to her own style of wedding sneakers. From white platform sneakers to regular flats, each pair of wedding sneakers has its own message when paired with a beautiful wedding gown. Whether you are a trendsetter or an ultramodern, choosing wedding sneakers will create a statement remembered for decades to come. 

The Trendsetter 

Women looking to tip the wedding sneakers trend may choose white, beige, or even pink bridal sneakers. The bold statement of the wedding sneakers gathers most of the attention due to the muted tones and colors of the bridal sneaker. 

Trendsetters are much more likely to wear a pair of wedding sneakers with a long dress. They want to feel in control of the crowd’s attention—only revealing the wedding sneakers at appropriate times. Furthermore, a trendsetter may choose a taller shoe sole such as a pair of white platform sneakers to add elegance and height. 

The Ultramodern 

A bride looking to push the wedding sneakers style to its limits may choose black or even brown. Jaws drop and wedding guests can’t ever tell if the bride is serious. But you are. We ultramoderns are always serious when it comes to fashion, and bridal sneakers are no exception to that.

The ultramodern takes it further with the wedding sneakers combo. Some trendsetters may choose to play it safe with a long wedding gown, but not ultramoderns. Ultramoderns want to show off their wedding sneakers at every point of the wedding ceremony. She doesn't care if all eyes are on her wedding sneakers during the ceremony. An ultramodern feels comfortable in her choice of wedding sneakers and now focuses only at the union at hand. 

Wedding Sneakers for Grooms 

Turns out wedding sneakers aren’t just for the bride. High-end wedding sneakers are a powerful statement for the groom. Men can choose from white, brown, and black as a safe space to up their designer game while still keeping the wedding sneakers conservative. The groom of a trendsetter will usually choose a neutral wedding sneakers. This ensures that the bride and groom match in taste and fashion level. 

For the ultramodern women looking to direct their fiance’s wardrobe, a bolder choice of blue or green wedding sneakers can be an option. Of course, at this point, we cannot tell the ultramodern what she should choose when it comes to wedding sneakers because that would defeat the purpose. Ultramoderns throw out any and all established fashion even for wedding sneakers

Whether you are a trendsetter or ultramodern, every bride can agree to the importance of choosing stylistically agreeable bridal sneakers. The truth is you and your fiance are about to be joined as one. Your fashion will reflect on one another as couples statement. Helping your groom choose the right wedding sneakers can unify your progressive style as you join hands in marriage. 

Lace Up your Wedding Sneakers

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