Wearing a suit—power move. Wearing a suit with sneakers—ultimate power move. 

Whether you’re working on wall street or at the local jeweler, suits have become an essential part of the everyday working class. However, this classic outfit has been tired after centuries of use. White shirt, tie, slacks have become all too boring in the world of fashion. We need a fresh perspective that will take suit wearing to a whole new level. We're suggesting a new type a la mode. 

Go from sheep to wolf pack leader as you embrace the new high fashion trend of a suit with sneakers. People will start approaching you like you’re the one in charge—because honestly, now you are. 

Guidelines for Men 

The truth is not every man can pull off a suit with sneakers, at least not right away. You need to be well equipped with our three guiding principles before you join the movement. 

Dress with Confidence 

Wear your suit with sneakers like you didn’t give it a second thought this morning. Tuck in your dress shirt, button up, and press your suit before you slip on a pair of leather sneakers. 

Coordinate Colors and Style

If you are joining a modern trend, you need to dress modern. Pick a suit that is slim fit and free of any major wrinkles. This suit should incorporate modern day colors and patterns. A blue checkered suit with a skinny lapel is a great example. 

As for sneaker color, you may want to start out with a brown leather dress sneakers for men. Once you master this look, you might explore the capri white sneakers or even the men’s black high-top sneakers

Select the Right brand 

Pick sneakers that look like dress shoes. Don’t pull out your 3 year old convos and think you are going to pull this look off. Choose a brand that speaks for itself with hand-crafted leather and outstanding quality. 

Guidelines for Women 

Despite centuries of common belief, suits aren’t just for men. If you are a woman, you will want to follow the three main principles for men: dress with confidence, coordinate colors, and select the right brand. However, you actually have a little more flexibility when it comes to style. 

Feel free to try a variety of suit styles and wear options. Tucked in or out, flowy or stiff, use dressy sneakers with all your wardrobe favorites. Try out the women’s capri rose cloud to pair with neutral or pastels. For the most versatile option, choose a  pair of women’s capri nuvola that creates a refined look paired perfectly with literally anything in your wardrobe. 


Join the fashion innovators of today and suit up for success. Get out of your comfort zone and see how far KOIO leather sneakers can take you.