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Koios are an investment. We want you to be able to enjoy them for years to come. Your sneakers will last you through every occasion as long as you properly care for them after every wear. It's important to protect your Koios from harmful weather with waterproofing sprays, and to store them correctly when you are not wearing them. As long as you take the steps to keep your Koios fresh, they'll be ready for any adventure.

It starts with a pre-clean, even before your first wear

Cleaning and caring for the materials of your shoes is essential in making them last. Use our suggested Crep Cleaning Solution. When you are cleaning leather or suede, be sure to be extremely delicate with the material. Give the appropriate time to air dry your shoes, we suggest 24 hours, always away from direct sunlight.

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Guard against the elements by waterproofing

Your Koios should take you anywhere. By water-proofing your shoes and conditioning them, you will help prevent damages that can occur from the harmful weather such as: rain, ice, salt, or snow. Before waterproofing your shoes, make sure to test any treatment in an inconspicuous spot before using on the whole shoe.

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Use Shoe Trees when you're not wearing them

When you are not wearing your Koios it is important to make sure they are in a clean and dry environment. We provide you with a dust bag to protect your shoes while they are being stored. We also suggest storing your sneakers with shoe trees inside of them. This will help maintain your shoes shape and limit creasing.

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Have a second pair on standby while your first pair drys-out and recovers 

Your shoes need time to rest too. By having more than one pair, you can have the ability to clean, treat, and let dry without rushing the process. When shoes are properly maintained, cracking, creasing and all around aging of your shoes decreases. Having more than one pair also means that you will always have a pair to fit any occasion.

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