Men's Suede Sneakers

Featuring low-tops, and high-tops, our suede sneakers are a wardrobe fundamental. Hand-crafted, our men’s suede sneakers are inspired by the neutral tones of the Alps. Their minimalist color and style produce an elite look with little effort. Wear on repeat without any hesitation. 

Each sneaker pair is assembled with the finest Italian leather. The suede feels incredibly soft with a dynamic texture that will have you reaching for your toes, while giving you a reason to keep your head up high. The styles in our suede sneakers collection strengthen any look from the ground up. 

Each suede sneaker is engineered in the beautiful city of Le Marche, Italy. Outfitted with durable, lightweight rubber outsoles, our suede sneakers wear well and last forever. Each step is laced with first-class comfort and durability. From casual to dapper, shop the suede sneakers designed to carry you throughout the day.

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