The sneaker industry, being as oversaturated as it is, can make finding the perfect low-top shoes no easy feat. It can be exceptionally tough to keep in mind quality when bombarded with the fashion-forward luxury brands and exclusive color palettes. Discover a pair of men’s lifestyle shoes that combines high-performing capabilities with the textbook KOIO low-top vibe.  

What Is a Low-top Sneaker? 

Sneakers are some of the most versatile, yet comfortable types of footwear men can own. Within this broad category are your classic low-tops. These rad kicks are designed with low-cut collars ending just below the ankle bone. Showcase your ankles with thin no-shows, or your personality with characterized socks that show just a little, or a lot. Mix and match with athletic shorts, denim, or joggers; the world is your oyster! 

What Makes the Industry’s Best Low-Top Runners


For a shoe as wearable as these, they’ve got to be comfortable. Lucky for you avid sneaker wearers, low-top shoes provide immense arch support. Mirroring the comfort of KOIO Metros, low-top runners defy all sport playing. Don’t sacrifice comfort over style when getting dressed each morning. Rather, choose a pair of low-top runners that will equip your feet for a full day of wearability and achievability. 


Due to the multi-purpose nature of these runner shoes, they were designed with immense strength to undergo constant and sometimes rigorous use. While other shoe brands and styles get worn down easily, these low-cut collars are irrelevant when it comes to the low-top’s longevity. Their absorbent rubber soles and tough fabric bodices hit the durability mark without a question. 

Social Currency

You want to be unique, not overlooked. Well, low-top sneakers provide just that: an elevated edge that will have people asking not just where your shoes are from, but where you’re from. Increase your confidence and manner by dressing the part with low-top sneakers. 

The Best Low-top Shoes

The many uses of these runner shoes range from a quick pickup basketball game to date night on the town. The best low-top shoes can be worn for all occasions. Their dual-personalities create an unimagine luxury sneaker, mixed with the comfort and casualness needed to conquer each day. Ditch the old low-top shoes and fill that void with KOIO’s brand-new low-top runners, available soon.