Mandates for self-isolation across the globe have brought a new normal to the fashion world. People are no longer rising early to tie their dress shoes and press their slacks before work. For the first time ever, we have become a waist-up society founded on the fashion principles of online conference calls. 

We are not constrained to the dress code of work, because our home is our new office. This work from home mandate has brought with it new priority for your feet—comfort. Men’s house shoes have become a hot topic for individuals seeking a new kind of home luxury with optimal all day comfort. In our opinion, this is the perfect time to dress for yourself from head to toe (even if others can’t see what you are wearing). 

We believe the right pair of men’s house shoes can help you feel grounded and certain in a time of unpredictable circumstances. It’s simply self-care for your feet. Treat yourself to the trending style of socks and house slippers or try a pair of white leather sneakers that will stay spotless during your days inside. 

The New Shoe (Socks and House Slippers) 

Finding men’s house slippers that speak of modern tones and exclusive designs is a challenge. The market is flooded with old time loafers or the classic fuzzy slipper and these are simply out of the question. Your passion for fashion cannot be superseded by any at-home tendency for style negligence. 

A popular statement emerging in the last few years is socks and sandals. We have successfully expounded on this movement to bring you a socks and house slippers combination that exemplifies a high-style fit and design. 

Guaranteed to outlast any self-isolation, our work from home care package contains the perfect house slippers for men. These slippers are crafted and designed with the KOIO stamp of everlasting quality. Our wfh home men’s house slippers are made from a heat exchanging, moisture-wicking, order-canceling sheep wool lining. Included in the kit, slip on a pair of our limited edition KOIO WFH socks. Wear these soft, cozy socks as you complete your 8 to 10 hour workday at home. 

The Exclusive Indoor Companion (White Leather Sneakers) 

In the season of spring and early summer, keep your shoes choices light and comfortable even while you are indoor. White leather sneakers are the perfect house shoes for men. Think “white exclusive shoes for an evening on the family yacht,” but instead of a yacht, it’s your house. 

White leather sneakers are the leading choice for men’s house shoes marked by their comfortable and lightweight nature. Whether you decide to wear shorts or joggers, these minimalist men’s sneakers will go with most anything in your closet. 

The Next Step 

KOIO kicks were never created to be shown off. They were created for comfort and confidence to empower those who wear them. They were created for the individuals that dare to go anywhere and for the moment, that place is home. 

Take the time to find a pair of house shoes for men that bring a little order and stability into your life. Find comfort in the little joys of life as your home becomes a place of both work and leisure.