The great thing about sneakers is that they’re endlessly versatile, meaning you can create so many casual and statement-making looks with them. Here, we show you a few of our favorite ways to wear sneakers. Keep scrolling to find inspiration for your next outfit.


There’s something so classic about a dress with sneakers. When styled wisely, complement each other so well. Create your next dress-and-sneakers look with these styling tips in mind.

Start by selecting your sneaker—dressing from the feet up will save you so much time when getting ready. If you want to make a true statement, choose a unique sneaker color—think loud, bold shades. If you’re more comfortable wearing understated colors, go for soft neutral sneakers. Next, pick a dress.

Mini dresses are a great way to highlight a sneaker—we recommend considering a short floral dress if it’s warm out, because it’s a no-fail choice when you’re creating a classic summer look. Make sure one of the colors in the print matches your shoe. If mini dresses and prints aren’t your thing, keep reading for more style advice.

Create a monochrome ensemble by styling your sneaker with a solid midi or maxi dress. The dress doesn’t have to be the exact same color as the sneaker—in fact, it shouldn’t be. A great monochrome color scheme requires a few pieces in slightly different shades of the same color.

If you take the above advice, you’re almost guaranteed to end up with an extra impactful look.


Create a pants-and-sneakers look that makes a strong impression by following these three styling tips.

Start with a chunky style that has a platform sole or a retro-sporty silhouette like the Metro. Then, select a pair of tailored pants with a high waist and baggy legs that fall to an almost-floor-skimming length. The cuffs will drape really nicely atop the shoes. Team this look with a tucked-in T-shirt and oversized blazer, and you’ll be ready for the office and post-work dinners. This is what we’d call a chic, high-low outfit.

If baggy pants aren’t for you, go for tailored dress pants that taper at the cuffs.

For a low-key night out, opt for high-top sneakers and team them with cropped cargo pants. We love army-green cargo pants and black sneakers, but if your cargo pants are lighter in color, opt for white sneakers. Then complete the outfit with a retro tee for a particularly cool look.


Everyone has a few pairs of jeans, so get the most out of them by experimenting with these denim-focused tips.

Pair chunky sneakers with boot-cut or flared jeans that fall below the ankles. It’ll create a relaxed look with the cuffs bunching up over the shoes. Then, finish off with a half-tucked sweater.

If you love to wear high-waisted jeans, opt for a skinny pair—skinny jeans with sneakers are always a safe bet. Whether yours are light and washed out or dark and inky, they’ll look great with a simple pair of white or black sneakers.


If you don’t have the right shoes to create these outfits, browse our selection of high-end sneakers. Discover statement-making styles and versatile wardrobe staples, each designed and handcrafted to last for years.