Looking for innovative style choices that will highlight your sneakers? Well, here they are. 

Dress with Sneakers? Yes.

Anyone can combine a dress with sneakers, but not everyone can make the combination a true statement. Here are a few ways you can pair a dress with sneakers and make it bold.

Make it monochromatic.

Minimalist and bold, a monochromatic color scheme proves you’re comfortable in your skin. You can make it loud, neutral, or intense. You can go true monochromatic and match your shoe color to your outfit. This is extra impactful if you have a unique sneaker color. Or if you’re looking to really highlight your sneakers, put together a monochrome ensemble and break the pattern with a wildly different shoe color.

Go floor length.

We’ve all seen the typical summer look: a short floral dress with sneakers. Break the pattern with a floor-length dress. As you move and walk, your sneaker will make a strong impression as it appears and disappears under the dress. 

Embrace juxtaposition.

Find the juxtaposition in color, style, or volume. You could combine a loud, chunky sneaker with a restrained dress. Suddenly, you’re making a statement.  

The Pant Look

Pants and sneakers have been working together for years. The type of pants framing your sneaker plays an integral role in the shoe’s portrayal. Luckily, you can’t really go wrong. Baggy, tailored, high-waisted, or skinny, sneakers can accentuate any look.

Try light or washed-out bottoms.

If your pants and shoes are fighting for attention, they might both lose. Solve this dilemma by pairing your shoes with light pants. The lighter color will draw attention to your sneakers. White-washed skinny jeans with sneakers make the perfect match. 

Wear high-waisted jeans.

High-waisted jeans don’t need anything extra to convey confidence. A simple pair of these pants gives you the chance to make your sneakers the center of attention without sacrificing anything from your jeans. 

Take it to work in dress pants.

Gone are the days when you have to rely on oxfords for the workplace. Perfectly tailored dress pants will highlight the chic look of high-end sneakers

These are just three ideas from the endless possibilities to marry your pants and sneakers. We touched on skinny jeans with sneakers, but didn’t even get started on flare jeans or bootcut. Get out there and start trying them all. 

White and Black Sneakers: Age-Old Classics Gone Rogue

White and black sneakers are classics, but that’s no excuse to play it safe. Here are three tips to get your white sneaker outfits and black sneaker outfits started. 

Boldy go.

White and black sneakers are some of the best shoes to pair with bold colors and patterns. After all, does anything else go quite as well with neon animal print as black? Or how about white sneakers and stripes? These neutral sneakers are the perfect way to rock your boldest styles. 

Give cargo a whirl.

If you haven’t heard, cargo pants are in. And the best thing about cargo pants? They make the perfect complement with black sneakers. You really can’t go wrong with cargo pants and black sneakers; they’re a match made in heaven. 

Retro and white.

We all embrace the retro tees. Pair one with your white sneakers to get a casual and cool outfit from this decade. Retro tees are staple white sneakers outfits. Try the washed out jeans tip from earlier, and you’re gold. 

White and black sneakers are wardrobe staples and age-old classics. But they can also be used to put a spin on your regular outfit, so we think they’ll never go out of style. 

The Bottom Line

Clearly, there are so many ways to wear your sneakers. These are 9 tips to get you started, but keep experimenting. That’s what we’ll be doing.