If you’re keeping it casual, there are some things you should know. We’ve compiled a handy list of qualities to look for in your casual footwear, as well as the three types of casual shoes every real man should have in their closets.   

Qualities of a great men’s casual shoe:


What is a casual shoe, besides a comfort shoe? We’re not saying it needs to be boring or hideous. But let’s not kid ourselves, if a casual shoe doesn’t make your foot feel like it’s spending the day on its favorite couch, the shoe is not doing its job. A shoe’s design makes or breaks its comfort, particularly the material, sole, and fit. 


Unless you have an inexhaustible budget, finding shoes that can be both dressed up and dressed down is key to a foundational wardrobe item. Finding several staple pairs of neutral-toned shoes like black, brown, and white, can be a saving grace when it comes to dual purpose footwear.


Our feet carry the entire weight of our bodies all day, so thinking beyond style is vital. With the right resources, footwear can embody both the right style and true durability. The best casual shoes for men have a production process, material acquisition, and material choice that give it a nice, long lifespan. 

Best casual shoes for men:

If you’re looking for casual kicks, here are the categories we recommend checking out. 

1. Low-tops. 

Classic low-tops bring the option for a grounded approach. But with all the different colors and styles available for low-tops, you can easily find a pair that sync with your personal brand. These simple, yet retro sneaks go with nearly every outfit combination and are without a doubt a staple in every man’s wardrobe. The right low-tops should be engineered to last even the hardest of days. Don’t forget to snag yourself the essentials before heading out. 

2. High-tops. 

High-tops are a must-have in the shoe department. The minimalistic design and energetic high-top look marries fashion with functionality like never before seen. Many sneakerheads champion high-tops due to the customized fit and longer lifetime compared to other shoes. Give your feet the comfort they deserve, while adding a slimming effect.

3. Chunky.

Thick dad sneakers are a rage that snuck up on us. But we’ve decided, with the rest of the world, to embrace it. Picture an elevated running shoe that provides modern color schemes with a chunky sole. We think these are a great staple because they aren’t quite as obvious as the classic high- and low-tops. If you find a quality pair, they’re also extremely comfortable. Plus, they’re the picture-book definition of ‘casual.’ Embrace that. 

At the end of the day

To be the best men’s casual shoes that 2020 has to offer, a pair of shoes needs total comfort, convenience of versatility, and the ability to last many moons. Snag a pair of low-tops, high-tops, and some chunky sneakers with these qualities and you’re set. Cheers to keeping it casual.