Avalanche Men's

The quiet statement that speaks volumes— Men’s Avalanche chunky sneakers.. These thick soled shoes provide a solid inch lift for a fresh point of view. Our chunky sneakers combine clean, versatile design and exceptional comfort. The stiff sole shoe pairs perfectly with flexible planning and carefree adventures. Elevate your style with  your own pair of leather chunky sneakers.

Our chunky sneakers are handcrafted in Marche, Italy by highly skilled artisans. A mix of soft leather, suede, patent leather, nylon, and mesh on the upper thick sole shoe creates a rich texture that reflects the high quality of Italian materials. The insole is made from German-engineered Ortholite foam, like in all our Avalanche chunky sneakers, and will keep you super comfortable around the clock. The unmatched texture and modest tones make our Avalanche chunky sneakers a wardrobe staple. 

Walk with purpose in stiff soled shoes that provide stability and protection in every step. Avalanche chunky sneakers are the epitome of effortless edge.

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