Dad Sneakers

These dad sneakers take the good ol’ 90s running shoe and kick it up a notch. Who knew our sense of fashion would be so positively influenced by the man who taught you knock-knock jokes. But crazier things have happened, so we’re leaning in to this trend. Our chunky sneakers incorporate modern color schemes, a thick style, and lush comfort. 

Modern Color Schemes

We’ve crafted our dad shoes to keep that classic white base, but we’ve added a little flair. Each color scheme keeps hints of subtlety so the chunky shoe can steal the show. 

Thick Design

Chunky is the dad sneaker’s M.O. Our Italian craftspeople use high-end leather, suede, nylon, and mesh to make sure there’s quality in every layer of this sneaker.


The removable insole offers a bouncy cushion for hours on your feet, and the leather that lines the interior feels buttery soft.


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