Tyler Shields combines provocative observations of life in America and celebrity subjects in his art. He is a quintessential craftsman. Tyler merges composition, lighting, and an unnatural feeling for the shutter into powerful images. He goes into more detail than any other photographer in his planning, sometimes avoiding retouching entirely. Just like Koio, Tyler is relentless about the details in the creation of his art.

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Inspired by Tyler’s focus on careful composition, the sneaker features white Italian calf leather and a white Margom rubber sole. The quarter is printed with one of Shields’ famed photos: a couple, passionately kissing on New Years Eve amidst a shower of Champagne. The scene is a reflection on the moments that mark a milestone in our lives. We want to approach each day like such a moment is possible — embracing the unexpected.

“I wanted to collaborate with Koio because I admire their attention to detail and dedication to the highest quality craftsmanship. It’s always exciting to get involved with an emerging luxury brand in its early days, and when I met the Koio team I felt an instant synergy that quickly propelled the project along. It was one of the rare occasions where our visions for the final design instantly aligned"

"Art on a shoe was something that has always interested me, but I wanted something that would last a lot of the times I see someone do something like this and it fades so fast or you wear it once and its gone I wanted people to be able to wear this live with it and enjoy it, but also if you want to keep them locked up only on display you can do that too.”

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