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Ben Medansky’s approach to creating ceramic art has mesmerized us from the first moment we saw his work. It is drawing from an industrial aesthetic but has a human quality that gives each piece its unmistakable character. Inspiring us as much as Ben’s art is his determination. On July 23, 2016, he experienced a setback when his studio in LA burned and most of his work was destroyed. Unstoppable, he relocated to a new location and continued creating breathtaking objects.

Together with Ben, we designed a sneaker that references his work. The calf leather upper features grey speckles, just like some of Ben’s white-glazed stoneware clay. The sole picks up Ben’s favorite color – a strong cobalt blue. And, importantly, the sneaker features two pieces of ceramics, handmade by Ben in his studio in LA.

“I approached the design process by taking elements from my own art and applying them to the sneaker. Blue is an important color in my work because of its universal beauty which we used on the sole."

"The speckle on the leather was appropriated from the clay body I use that has a high iron content. I also wanted to create something that I had not seen before which led me to the ceramic accent on the laces that I call shoellery, like jewellery for the shoe.”


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