Video Series — KOIO x Italy

After seven weeks of closed doors due to Covid, our Italian factories have reopened this week. To celebrate that, we created a week-long video series highlighting our connection to Italy. Each day, we'll discuss one aspect of Koio's relationship with the country. You'll learn how Italian craftsmanship, materials, and style contribute to Koio. 


KOIO x Italy EP 01 — Why Italy?

Johannes, Co-Founder of Koio, breaks down why we decided to manufacture in Italy from day one. You might be surprised.



 KOIO x Italy EP 02 — Factory Spotlight

Chris, Co-Founder of Koio, talks about our specific factory partners in Italy and why they are some of the best in the world.



KOIO x Italy EP 03 — Craftsmanship Spotlight

Adam, Directory of Product Development at Koio, breaks down how to spot quality craftsmanship. This will come in handy for your next shopping spree. 



KOIO x Italy EP 04 —Materials Highlight

Adam, Director of Product Development at Koio, breaks down key materials used in Koio sneakers, and what makes them high-quality.



KOIO x Italy EP 05 —Design & Style

Vera, Director of Merchandising at Koio, breaks down what makes the Capri silhouette so timeless.