Let’s talk about navy blue. It seems like such an easy color to create an outfit with, right? So you put on your navy blue dress and then realize you have no idea what shoes to pair with it. What color shoes go with a navy blue dress? Why did the task of finding your perfect OOTD seem so simple until you chose the color navy? Well, here’s our piece of advice: don’t sweat it, and stop typing “what color shoes with navy dress” into your search engine, because we have you covered with an easy style guide. So hang tight, we have the answers to this loaded question.

Beginning with the Basics 

When asking yourself what color shoes to wear with a navy dress, your brain has probably already jumped to some sort of neutral. Neutrals are a great place to start in this case and can give you the understated-yet-cool-look that you’re going for. Here’s a list of our favorite neutrals to pair with your navy dress: 

  • Browns and Tans: Browns, tans, and nude colors alike allow your navy dress to be the statement piece of the outfit. 
  • White: A pair of white shoes will look crisp and clean against the dark navy and bring a pop of freshness to the outfit. How sharp.
  • Light Grey: Similar to white, the light grey stands out nicely from the navy and creates a color-blocking illusion. 
  • Black: We know we sound crazy suggesting black since pairing it with navy has long been considered a fashion faux pas, but we believe it’s just one of those antiquated fashion rules that don’t really exist (like wearing white after Labor day). Black can be complementary to a navy especially when in a rich texture or beautiful leather shoe. 

Making a Statement 

Now let’s talk about a bold move but make it fashion. If any of those neutral colors don’t suit your fancy and you still find yourself searching “what color shoes with navy dress,” you might find something more daring in this next list. And, if you really want to upgrade the dark blue richness of navy even more, we’d suggest these shoe colors in a leather or suede. Their textures add elevation to the color navy, even in the most casual of situations. Here are the best bold colored shoes to complete your navy dress outfit: 

  • Red: For the person who wants to highlight their shoes, red is the fiery pop of color you just might be looking for. Since red is on the opposite side of the color wheel than blue, the contrast it creates can add up to something spectacular.
  • Silver: Silver, like the white and light grey mentioned above, contrasts with navy but adds even more of a classic and timeless aspect to your dress. Plus, it can add a little more sparkle to the completed look if you want to dress it up.
  • Gold: Similar to silver, gold’s metallic warmth gives your outfit a complementary contrast. Your choice for gold over silver or vice versa will likely come down to your preference for silver or gold accessories to pair with your shoes.
  • Blue Hues: By matching two different blues (think pale, sky, or baby blue) you can create a newer and fresher version of a monochromatic look that is so desired. 

KOIO Shoes for Navy Blue Dresses

As mentioned before, leather is a preferable choice of textile when matching shoes to a navy dress. KOIO’s leather sneakers and boots for women bring both fashion and function to the table when it comes to finding the ideal shoe for any outfit. So here’s a list of our favorite colors that we offer that will pair exquisitely with your favorite navy dress: 
  • Triple White
    • The whitest white we offer.
    • Available in these styles: Capri, Capri Perforated, Metro, and Primo 
  • Slate Grey 
    • An understated, cool grey.
    • Available in: Capri

  • Perla
    • When you think of grey, this is the color you’re thinking of.
    • Available in these styles: Capri and Capri Canvas

  • Oat Milk 
    • Not quite white, not quite cream, but the perfect in-between.
    • Available in: Capri

  • Sahara 
    • A light brown that’s cooler than your average neutral.
    • Available in: Capri

  • Sky Blue
    • The most classic light blue you can imagine.
    • Available in: Capri

  • Nero or Onyx 
    • A buttery black full-grain leather. 
    • Nero is available in these styles: Capri, Nero, Primo, and Chelsea 
    • Onyx is available in these styles: Capri, Primo, and Chelsea

Browse our selection of shoes to find your solution to what shoes to pair with your navy dress. You’ll find that creating your next legendary outfit is just a few clicks away.