Black on black used to be all the rave. It’s safe, sophisticated, and simple.  

But you and I aren’t in the business of staying safe. Today, our clothing style is everything in this fast paced world of social appearances. Taking the next step towards crafting your own brand can be intimidating. Today you can reasonably wear black shoes with khakis, a black suit with brown shoes, casual black pants with brown shoes, or brown shoes with grey pants. The wardrobe options are endless.    

Branding Yourself Through Fashion 

So back to your main thought. Can you wear black pants with brown shoes? The answer is sure. But the real question is are you fine with what this outfit choice says about who you are as a person? Don’t make the fatal mistake of pairing black pants with brown shoes without thinking it through. Who will you be when you wear this outfit? 

We have broken it down into four categories or really—four different types of men. Read through these descriptions to match your desired personal brand with the men’s apparel selection. Remember that you can be a combination of these men or none at all. The choice is yours. 

The Overachiever (The Black Pant with Brown Shoes Guy)

You know you look good in those black pants and brown shoes. Everyone else knows it too. But let’s get one thing clear. Those dark black pants were specifically tailored to fit your body just right. You hit the gym at least once a day (twice if you have extra time after volunteering at the local hospital). 

You are still not sure if you will go to law school or medical school. You might just decide to do both. You wear black pants and brown shoes not because it is most comfortable, but because you always dress to impress. The black pants and brown shoes look says “I’m trying, but not for you, for me.” Ultimately, you are going places. Your black pants and brown shoes speak without you needing to say a word.  

The Constant Companion (The Black Suit with Brown Shoes Guy) 

This is the safest personality to be among the four male figures. The black suit with brown shoes option is a classic in comparison to the other guys. People could always use another black suit with brown shoes guy in their life. 

You are a sharp individual who has high hopes for the future. You are willing to stray a little bit from the norm as long as you see everyone else doing it. However, the real reason you are a black suit with brown shoes guy is because you attend many formal events, meaning you are there for the people who matter most at the moments that mean the most. 

The Entertainer (The Black Shoes with Khakis Guy) 

Oh the black shoes with khakis guy. You are one wise guy. You cannot help but crack a joke at the expense of a family member or friend. Yet, these loved ones understand your personality so they never take it personally. In fact, people are really happy to have you around. 

You try not to take life too seriously and it a lot of ways, this helps you succeed. You are able to laugh off the embarrassing and the miserable. In the end, this helps you build lasting friendships with random people you meet along the way. 

The Skeptic (The Brown Shoes with Grey Pants Guy) 

The fact is that you are skeptical about most things--including your brown shoes with grey pants outfit. You go to bed knowing what to wear in the morning only to wake up questioning everything. You suffer from constant decision fatigue as ever choice seems to dictate your life. 

You were the guy who couldn’t ask enough questions in physics class. You made people stay after the school bell because you brought up an intriguing question that the teacher wanted everyone to hear. Just like your outfit, you highly contrast with the people around you. You stand out. However, because you are so skeptical, you are actually quite brilliant. Yet, you will never let yourself live up to your full potential because you can’t let go of the little things.  

Our Final Pro-Tip 

I know we stressed the importance of understanding your personal brand but we have one pro tip to leave you with. If you choose a solid pair of shoes, whether black or white in color, you never actually have to worry about your outfit. Luckily, we have a brand that is both classic and trendy that will fulfill all these needs. KOIO high-end sneakers are the answer to your personal brand. These sneakers bring the focus from the outfit back to you. Be whoever you want to be with KOIO’s wide selection of sneakers.