Introducing: The Avalanche

The Avalanche is fast. Its sole evokes snow masses that are towering on top of each other, ready to charge forward. Organic curves of high-end performance materials frame the shoe with an aggressive posture. From heel to toe the Avalanche screams speed.

Finest Materials

Technical mesh and parachute fabric are layered underneath gloss-coated leather and nubuck. The embroidered KOIO icon, made of 500 stitches, rests in the center of the sneaker. Extra thick cotton laces make the shoe wrap around you.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Never before was an athletic sneaker made with such obsession. The walls of the sneaker are double stitched for maximum durability. Each sneaker is hand-polished before it begins its journey from Italy to you. The Avalanche has reached a new peak in craftsmanship excellence.

The first sneaker to combine athletic design with peak materials and craftsmanship.

Avalanche — $298


Avalanche — $298


Avalanche — $298



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