So you want to embrace the sneaker game? Then you’ll need to know the unwritten rules of sneakers that we subconsciously live by, and here’s the fashion footwear guide to tell you. Jump in to explore the basic guidelines and tips for incorporating sneaker fashion footwear into your daily rotation. 

1. Pair Your Sneakers with The Right Attire 

The evergreen question—what will I wear these sneakers with? We have made some basic recommendations that can help guide your fashion choices. These principles can be used as a standard for determining your own unique style and sneaker brand. 

The Classic White 

If you are beginning your journey into the world of fashion footwear, start with a classic white pair of sneakers. These trendy shoes are known for their versatile and luxury status. White sneakers pair perfectly with almost anything in your closet. For a fresh summer or spring look, pair your white sneakers with a bright colored dress or denim shorts. Take these sneakers from work to the weekend with minimal changing. 


Showcase your lovely ankles with a pair of low-tops. Low-tops can be paired with a number of different outfits. So much of the outfit choice will depend on the color of low-tops. Neutral colored low-tops can be paired with shorts, chinos, jeans, and even some formal attire. For a more courageous look, pair bold colored low-tops with semi-neutral apparel. 


High-tops—a trend brought to us by the fashion inspirations of the 1980s.  High-tops can be safely worn with a pair of jeans. This includes straight leg, bell bottom, tucked, or rolled jeans. Lean towards a bolder statement with a high contrast between your jeans and sneakers. You’ll also want to embrace anything that shows off the entire sneaker, like a dress or shorts. 

Once you’ve mastered these classic looks, move on to the high-top and suit combination. Despite popular belief, a quality high-top sneaker can add culture to your formal appearance. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colored suits and high-tops. 

2. Experiment with Different Brands

Are you a creature of habit? Many of us are. But with your best interest in mind, we’re asking you to take a leap of faith and explore new sneaker brands. For long-lasting wear, you may also need to adjust your sneaker budget. 

Sneakers have different tiers of quality and price. People are often quick to pick out a pair of sneakers that are well-known and under $100. However, you are going to find a significant jump in quality for a sneaker that ranges form $250-$300. These sneakers are often made with high-quality material for lasting durability. A sneaker in this price range will last longer and retain its premier appearance. 

If you are skeptical, find reputable brands that stand behind their product. There are many fashion shoe brands that are willing to let you return your sneakers if you are not 100% satisfied. 

3. Use Chunky Sneakers as a Statement Piece  

In the last few years, chunky sneakers have grown in popularity. The chunky sneaker seeks to highlight the movement towards the dad sneaker. But the kick is that it’s not just for dads anymore. We are seeing men and women of all ages sport these trendy shoes. You can now find chunky sneakers in a variety of materials and colors.

If you are interested in joining the chunky sneaker trend, be ready to embrace them as the statement piece. Unless you are Billie Ellish, you should wear simpler clothing that propels the eye straight down to the focal point—your chunky sneakers. These sneakers will give you a few inches in height and elevate your entire wardrobe. 

4. Stick to Your Personal Brand, Don’t Just Follow the Ever-changing Trends 

New sneaker styles are constantly being released. But, that doesn’t mean you always need to have the newest pair of sneakers to stay trendy. At the end of the day, a good pair of fashion shoes highlights your personality—not the other way around. If you feel confident in a pair of sneakers, stick to your favorite pair. 

5. Embrace the Lived-in Sneaker Look 

Lived-in shoes are loved shoes. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. If your sneakers have a few scuffs or marks, don’t fret! Most high-end sneakers can be polished to remove major blemishes. However, a few bumps and bruises can actually help add to your sneakers’ overall aesthetic. A few lived in scuffs helps to bring character and life to your sneakers. They tell a story of where you have been and where you might be willing to go next. 

Helpful Tip: The purpose of sneakers is to own a versatile shoe that lets you seamlessly move from one activity to the next. If you own a pair of high-end sneakers that you wear to formal events, you should do your best to keep them clean. Follow cleaning and care instructions for your leather sneakers if you wear them with more formal attire. 

Expand your Wardrobe with Leather Sneakers 

The good news is we don’t foresee the sneaker trend fading anytime soon. If you are interested in joining the sneaker movement, start searching for the perfect pair today. Embrace the new standard of minimalism with trendy shoes that take you from sunrise into the sunset.