We love our staple low-top sneaker and we could never forget the Chelsea boot. But, there is just something iconic about a pair of men’s Chukka boots. Find out how Chukka boots have withstood an evolving fashion industry, including how to wear Chukka boots and all its offerings. First though, here’s some background.

What are chukka boots?

As many shoes in the men’s industry, the Chukka boot dates back many years to early sport and military apparel. In fact, the name chukka is thought to originate from the game of polo with several sets of chukkas played per game, similar to quarters or innings. The chukka boot was also known to be worn by British soldiers in World War II, and compared to those worn by American polo athletes. This ankle-high leather boot is a breed of casual and dressy, which is what has transcended this rounded-toe shoe look through the decades. They are typically made with a rubber sole and leather uppers, which gives them depth and strength. Your classic chukka boots come with three eyelets or less. In modern years though, brands have showcased chukka boots with more than three shoelace eyelets, making traditional chukka boot wearers wince. 

What are chukka boots good for?

Now that we have some context on chukka boots early childhood, let’s dive into the reasons the chukka boot is still for sale today.  


The chukka boot has stood the test of time through its adequate versatility. While being its crowning reputation, this everyday footwear has a thinner sole and absence of a shoe liner. These qualities make the footwear both lightweight and comfortable like a casual sneaker, while elevating any outfit. 


The history of the Chukka boot says it all. From polo tournaments and the fighting front-line in the early 1900’s, to the business and night-life industries today, these boots last. Their calfskin leather bodices sculpted in Italy, Germany, and Spain, are paired with waterproof, rubber soles to create a timeless combination. This allows maximum wear out of every pair.


These all-star shoes have never gone out of style. Not only are chukka boots stylish, but they are classic in terms of going with every outfit and color combination. The rubbery sole and leather high-top style adds a certain magic. Chukka boots fill the classic on-the-go lifestyle, while adapting to any season.  

Chukka boots vs. other boots

Although no other boot could take the show from the chukka, there are some alternatives that are neck and neck in the race. Chelsea boots have the same high-top leather variations as chukka boots but are typically seen with different sizes of elastic paneling or fabric pull-tabs for a more casual fit, opposed to laced eyelets. The beauty of chukkas is that you still have the comfort of chelsea boots, with the added dressy vibes.

Similarly, the desert boot is oftentimes compared side-by-side with your classic chukka. This style of boot is a version of the chukka with a similar military background. Their ventilated suede uppers allow breathability, while the rubber sole adds grip and stability to the wearer. In the end though, the chukka boot provides the best of both worlds with its tough durability and casual-cool appearance. 

How to wear chukka boots

Whether you are wearing jeans or a suit, it’s summer or winter, chukka boots are built for all occasions. Although they have evolved over the years, the finer details on each unique pair takes the look of leisure or formal. 

Here’s how to wear chukka boots. With a dark suit, full-grain leather chukka boots add a refined and lustrous edge. With a summer-time suit, pair a lighter leather chukka for an airy grounded look. The same goes for jeans. Throw some chukkas in the mix to either dress-up or dress-down the look based on how you are feeling. The challenge lies in finding the perfect Chukka boots for you. Don’t be the last person to shop these rad shoes. Get excited because men’s chukka boots, KOIO edition, are coming soon.