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Introducing Sneakers That Fight Climate ChangeIntroducing Sneakers That Fight Climate Change

Introducing Sneakers That Fight Climate Change

Discover regenerative leather Koios

We’re Sourcing Leather From Regeneratively Grazed Farms in the Alps

We identified several farms across Switzerland where farmers manage their land and livestock in such a way that restores ecosystems, then began sourcing our regenerative leathers from these farms.

Regenerative Grazing Means Working With Nature

Regeneratively grazed livestock mimic the natural movements of heard animals, giving plants exactly what they need to thrive. If these plants are overgrazed—as they are on conventional farms—they die off. If they're never grazed, you end up with overgrowth.

We’re looking beyond sustainability and toward HEALING

How it works

Regenerative Farming is
Restoring Alpine Ecosytems

Reverses Carbon Emissions

Up to 18 billion tons can be taken out of the atmosphere and sequestered into the soil each year with regenerative agriculture.

Regenerates Soil

Carbon from the atmosphere enriches the soil, allowing it to provide more "food" for soil organisms.

Increases Biodiversity

Livestock, plants, and microorganisms work to help each other thrive, just as nature intended.

REGENERATIVE GRAZING is making the Alpine ecosystem as healthy
as it was 100,000 YEARS AGO.REGENERATIVE GRAZING is making the Alpine ecosystem as healthy
as it was 100,000 YEARS AGO.

REGENERATIVE GRAZING is making the Alpine ecosystem as healthy
as it was 100,000 YEARS AGO.

Regenerative Leather
Is Uniquely Beautiful

See how it compares to conventional leather

Conventional Leather

Each hide is defined by its uniform texture, which is the result of life in a stable or more strictly managed pasture, plus chemical coatings that hide naturally occurring textures.

Regenerative Leather

Each hide is defined by its unique texture, which often shows subtle scratches and scars—these marks are a result of life in the Alps.

Shop the Capri Regenerative

Available in two rich colors—Castagna and Onyx.


Why isn't Koio using vegan leather?

We were so excited about the possibility of bringing vegan leathers into our collection. But while researching the most environmentally responsible way to make shoes, we were surprised to discover that vegan leathers (yes, even so-called apple-peel, cactus, and mushroom leathers) are almost always made with a mixture of plastics derived from fossil fuels.

Given that they’re made with plastics, vegan leathers actually perpetuate a reliance on fossil fuels. Plus, the plastics used to make vegan leathers chip and wear away over time, and these microplastic particles end up in our soils and oceans where they lead to the depletion of wildlife. These microplastics can even end up in the food chain. And if that’s not bad enough, the mixed composition of vegan leathers also makes the materials virtually impossible to recycle.

Further, leathers are a byproduct of the meat industry, which sends about 150 million high-quality hides to landfills every year. Even if we all cut back on meat consumption (which we fully support!), there would still be more than enough cow hides to produce all of the world’s leather goods. Using regenerative leathers, then, is not only restoring ecosystems in all of the ways outlined on this page, but it’s also keeping high-quality, biodegradable materials out of landfills and in circulation.

That said, If there’s ever a form of regenerative vegan leathers that doesn’t come with all of the downsides we mentioned above, then we’ll be thrilled to include it in our collection!

Are Koio's regenerative farms certified organic?

Some of our regenerative farms are certified organic and others are not—for reasons that vary from farmer to farmer. Some of the regenerative farmers we source from do not meet Switzerland’s organic farming regulations because their farmland is too small; others feel that the country’s organic farming standards are not as high as their own farming standards. All of all these farmers are using regenerative methods that benefit the Alpine ecosystems.

Why does regenerative leather look different from conventional leather?

The marks and scars that appear on regenerative leathers are the result of life outdoors.

Why are regenerative leather Koios more expensive than conventional LWG-certified leather Koios?

Regenerative leathers are produced on a much smaller scale, so they’re not as readily available as conventional leathers.

Are all of your shoes made with regenerative leather?

We’re committed to ensuring our entire collection is made from regenerative leather and other regeneratively sourced, natural materials by 2025. Until then, you’ll find more and more regenerative leather styles in our collections each season.

Regenerative agriculture is all about working with nature rather than working against it. Nature moves slowly, and for that reason, regenerative leather isn’t as readily available as conventional leather. Instead of telling a supplier how much leather we need, nature tells our farmers—and then our suppliers—how much leather it can provide.

We also always want to ensure that your Koios are made with exceptional regenerative hides, so we inspect them before using them.

Are all of Koio's shoes made with regenerative leather?

Our next regenerative leather shoe is slated to launch in Spring ‘22. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know and get early access to new launches and colors.

If you have questions or comments about Regenerative Koios, we’d love to hear from you!

Email us:

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