From way behind-the-scenes to the very last stitch in a sneaker on our shelves, an insane level of intent goes into everything we touch. Included is our pricing structure. 


We get it: promo codes and sales are exciting. We spot a strike-through, a new price in red, a limited offer, and our heart rates skyrocket.

The sad reality: any brand that offers continuous promotions has already built discounted values into their financial model. They simply increase original prices in a way they can afford to eventually slash them. In short, you get what you pay for.

We take a different approach. Produced with the world’s finest materials—Vitello calf leather; Margom soles—by Italy’s most skilled craftspeople (42 of them, to be exact, touch each pair in production), we over-deliver on quality. Instead of promo codes, sales, and clearance sections, you get the market’s very best shoes—priced right from the very start. 

No games here. We’re in it for the long haul and believe that our relationship with you thrives on honesty from every angle.


Internally, our pricing structure also has great significance.

The absence of deals—even during peak shopping holidays (Cyber Monday and Black Friday included)—allows for our employees to achieve greater work/life balance. Rather than clocking in overtime during retails spikes, the team receives consistent workflow. It’s this that allows for more family time, less stress, and in turn consistently maximized productivity, exceeded goals for our company, and better products for you.

In short: today, tomorrow, whenever—it’s always the best time to purchase Koio.