A Morning with Asmeret

We spent a morning with our good friend, Asmeret, one of the most inspiring women we know, and photographed what it’s like during a weekend at the Berhe-Lumax household.

Born in Ethiopia and raised in Sweden, Asmeret now resides in Brooklyn with her husband, Stan, and two daughters, AJ and Ella Rose. When we had first talked about doing a Mother’s Day feature, there was no question that Asmeret would be the perfect person. 

Outside of doing production for fashion brands, she’s known for being an amazing source of motivation and is constantly supporting and advocating for multiple organizations that strive for equality. There are numerous ways to address Asmeret, a marathon runner, a boxer, an activist, a force, a sister, a wife, and most importantly, a mother.  The truest role model, not only to her two wonderful daughters, but to anyone that is graced by her energy.
So we took this opportunity for Mother’s Day to shine the light on one who inspires us with her contribution to society. 

Happy Mother’s Day!


Photography by: Miguel Yatco
Words by: Miguel Yatco