Caring for Your KOIOs

There’s nothing like that new sneaker feeling. Here’s how to maintain that, even while wearing your Koios every day (because, you will).


First Things First: Prevent

You can protect your Koios from rain and stains, pre-wear. Crep Protect Spray is everything. Its hydrophobic nano-technology creates an invisible coating that repels liquids and dirt. The simplest to use. Set a reminder on your phone to repeat once a month. 





For Deeper Cleaning Leather

Consisting of a 7-ounce bottle of 98% natural cleaning solution made with coconut extracts and jojoba, premium bristle brush, and micro-fiber towel (all in a convenient travel kit), the Crep Protect Cure Kit is the way to go. 

Following these tips will help yield the best results:

  • Before anything, stuff your shoes with Koio shoe trees to minimize creasing during cleaning.
  • Also make sure to throw the Crep Protect micro-fiber towel in the wash prior to use. This will rid to towel of any loose fibers that could transfer to the shoe during the cleaning process.
  • Remember to fill a small bowl with warm (not hot!) water. 

For Cleaning Suede and Nubuck 

The Crep Protect Cure Kit is also a great choice cleaning for cleaning suede and nubuck Koios; there’s just a bit more restraint, patience, and finesse required. For these materials, spot treating is also highly recommended.

Follow this regimen for maximum effectiveness: 

  1. Just like leather, only use warm water in a small bowl.
  2. Add a small amount of cleaning solution to the bowl, stir, and soak a part of the microfiber towel.
  3. Using the wrung out, damp towel, gently rub the affected nubuck and suede in a circular motion, until the dirt/stain is minimized or gone altogether.    
  4. Pat the shoe dry with the dry part of the towel, and then allow the shoe to fully air dry.  
  5. If necessary, also use a suede eraser to treat the affected area.
  6. Once completely dry, take the dry Crep Protect premium brush and gently brush the suede and nubuck in both directions to restore the texture without causing damage. 

**Rubbing too hard risks uprooting the suede from the shoe and causing permanent damage and/or discoloration.**

For Cleaning Canvas, Nylon, Mesh and Rubber

These are the easiest materials to clean. (Here's looking at you, shoe soles).

Just repeat these steps as frequently as necessary:

  1. Add warm water to a small bowl.
  2. Add a generous amount of cleaning solution to the brush.
  3. Dip the brush into the bowl of water.
  4. Brush the shoes in a circular motion, creating a lather.
  5. Use the micro-fiber towel to wipe away the excess foam.
  6. Allow to air dry.

** Feel free to brush as vigorously as you want, depending on the severity of the stain **

General Maintenance 

Shoe trees: they preserve the shape of Koios better than anything else. Those from Koio are specifically designed for Koio silhouettes. They won’t stretch the leather and also prevent creasing.

Put shoe trees into wet Koios to ensure that moisture is wicked away in the correct pattern so leather doesn’t crack.

Another bonus: shoe tree wood is absorbent. It helps dry out the lining of shoes. So they don't rot from the inside-out, and continue smelling fresh. Get on board.