Care Guide — Suede Sneaker

A complete guide to pre-treating and cleaning your leather sneakers so they look new for years

Koio sneakers are made from some of the highest-quality Italian Suede. Suede has a velvety finish due to the process in which it goes through during the manufacturing process. This material is made by buffing the under-side of the leather to give its luxurious texture. Because it is a delicate material, there is extra care that needs to go into maintaining suede. In this care guide, you will learn how to properly care for your suede sneakers. Due to the way that suede is made, it can be an extremely delicate material, making it that much more important to properly maintain before and after wear. 

Protect Your Sneakers (Even Before the First Wear)

Protecting your suede sneakers before the first wear is extremely important for this delicate material because you want to minimize the amount of water damage that can occur from both wear and cleaning. When protecting suede it is important to use a product that is gentle enough for this material's needs. We recommend using Crep Protect Spray to pre-treat your suede shoes. If you choose to use another spray, be sure to spot-check the treatment before using on the entire surface of the shoe. While you don't have to pre-treat your Koios, we recommend it to prevent future long-term stains.

To treat, take your shoes, and make sure they are completely dry. Next, shake the Crep Protect Spray and spray your shoes from 20 centimeters away. Let them dry for 10 minutes. For the best results, repeat once more to ensure your sneakers are completely coated.

How to remove any dirt or stains from your suede sneakers

When cleaning suede it is essential to be extremely careful. Due to the material's natural texture, it can be easily damaged during this process. Be sure to always use a cleaning solution that is gentle enough, or specifically made for cleaning suede. We recommend using the Crep Protect Cure Kit. All the tools that come in this kit are suitable for all of our suede sneakers.

To clean, dilute the cleaning solution in warm water. You can then take the brush that is provided in the Crep Protect Cleaning Kit, or another suede friendly brush and work the solution into the sneaker. When cleaning, be sure to go in one direction and avoid any scrubbing. Work the cleaning solution into the suede going in the natural direction of the grain, do not work against the material.

Spot cleaning can be a great technique in maintaining your suede sneakers as it minimizes the amount of damage that can naturally occur while cleaning. Suede does not react well to moisture so you want to minimize the amount of exposure to water as possible.



How to properly dry your suede sneakers

Due to the sensitive nature of suede, patience is key in drying your suede sneakers. Do not apply direct sunlight or heat when drying due to the damage that it will cause on these materials. To dry, let them sit in a clean and dry environment for 24 hours, or until completely dry.