Care Guide — Leather Sneakers






A complete guide to pre-treating and cleaning your leather sneakers so they look new for years

Koio sneakers are made from high-end, Italian leather. Our leather is known for being extremely high in both quality and durability. Your Koios will hold their shape for years to come, and continue to be the perfect accent for any outfit. Within this care guide, we will explain the best ways to maintain your leather sneakers starting with how to protect them before the first wear, how to clean, the best way to dry them, and the importance of conditioning your leather. All of these steps will help to maintain the leather of your sneakers so that they look fresh for any occasion.


How to care for leather sneakers | KOIO

Protect Your Sneakers (Even Before the First Wear)

The key to keeping your Italian leather sneakers clean starts with treating them even before you wear them. This puts an invisible shield over the leather and protects it from dirt, stains, and liquid. We recommend using Crep Protect Spray on all Koio sneakers. While you don't have to pre-treat your Koios, we recommend it to prevent future long-term stains.

To treat, take your shoes, and make sure they are completely dry. Next, shake the Crep Protect Spray and spray your shoes from 20 centimeters away. Let them dry for 10 minutes. For the best results, repeat once more to ensure your sneakers are completely coated. 


How to remove any dirt or stains from your leather sneakers

We want you to be able to wear your sneakers everywhere, with that, comes the occasional stain or build-up that you will need to clean. It is important to regularly wash your sneakers so that the build-up on your shoes doesn't become permanent. To clean your leather sneakers at home we suggest using the Crep Protect Cure Kit. This kit includes a micro-fiber cloth, a cleaning solution, as well as a brush. Before cleaning, make sure to spot clean your shoes. This will ensure that the solution you are using will not ruin your shoes. This is especially important if you are cleaning colored leathers. 

To clean, you will need to dilute the cleaning solution in warm water, and carefully brush it into the leather. The key is not to scrub the leather. This could break apart the material and cause damages to the natural material. Work the cleaning solution into your shoes until all of the residue is removed. To clean the sole, you can take a magic erasing and scrub the stains out. 

Be sure to test your cleaning solution on an inconspicuous spot on your shoe. Spot cleaning ensures that you do not remove any dye from the leather. Spot cleaning can also be used to remove a small stain from your shoes without needing to go through the whole process. 




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How to properly dry your sneakers

When drying your sneakers, patience is key. You should plan to rest your leather sneakers for at least 24-hours before wearing them again. You want to ensure they are completely dry before wearing them again. Do not put your shoes in direct sunlight or add heat (hairdryer) to your shoes to speed up the process. This could cause creasing or cracking in the leather because it will dry out the natural material. Use shoe trees (or stuff with paper) to help your shoes maintain their proper shape.




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The importance of conditioning your shoes to make the leather last longer

Conditioning your sneakers will prolong the life of the leather upper on your shoes. You should condition your shoes approximately once a month to ensure their longevity and protect against long-term damage. For Koio sneakers, we suggest using Walter’s leather conditioner. To apply a leather conditioner to your leather shoes, take a small amount of product and a cloth and work it into the leather. Be sure to evenly apply to all parts of your shoes upper.