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4.75 /5

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4.75 /5

Truly incredible quality. I have owned several of the high end brands but then I discovered Koios and I was immediately a believer. I sold my other sneakers (Common Projects, Saint Laurent). I cannot recommend Koios enough. They punch far higher than their weight class and can easily be asking the same price as these other brands. I will say this is superb quality.

Caleb C. 09/25/21

These are the nicest sneakers I’ve ever had. The leather is top grade, smooth and soft. They are comfortable and supportive. The blue color is rich and deep. At first glance, you can see these are a beautiful pair of sneakers.

Michael W. 10/25/21

Koio sneakers are the best combination of style, quality and value. I've owned several styles of Koios, including Capris, Metros and Primos and they are all top notch. They are also very comfortable and versatile. I'll keep coming back as long as Koio keeps putting out this quality and value. Koio is definitely a leader in the high fashion sneaker market

Michael C. 07/17/21

Wow. These are the most comfortable and most good looking I have in my collection. I collect sneakers and can swear that these are more comfortable than my Common Projects. The more you wear them, the better they look. Construction was amazing and they are true to size. I own the Capri Poudre and the Nuvola.

Michael A. 06/15/21

These shoes are excellent - clearly well made, very comfortable, and (in my case) beautifully white. These shoes pair with everything and really elevate your casual shoe look. Would highly recommend these to anyone looking for a pair of shoes that will last and can be worn with any outfit - can see this being a great value in terms of cost per wear.

Zachary S. 08/06/21

After a long, expensive search for the perfect white sneaker, I finally came across the Capri in Bianco. The white leather and gray suede complement each other so well, and I can’t wait until I can buy the different colors

Chris M. 11/08/21

I ordered the bergamo boots as part of the "try at before you buy" program. I love this program as it lets you try on a few different pairs before you pick one. The process is super easy and smooth. The bergamo boots are great with a nice mix of style and comfort. I also own a couple pairs of capris and a retro runner as well as a couple pairs of common projects. I find the quality between the two near identical and tend to lean toward koio since they are cheaper and a little more comfortable.

Jason R.. 10/29/21

Italian craftsmanship meets apex quality leather for a timeless staple that doesn’t disappoint. Having owned every pair of sneakers imaginable I vouch for these above all others.

Adam I. 10/22/21

These are beautiful shoes. In the pics on the site it wasn’t clear to me exactly what the color would be but it exceeded expectations. They’re a beautiful brown with some marbling to them. Not just flat brown. I wanted darker souls because I’m over trying to keep white presentable. These are perfect. Wore them on a 2-day business trip and they broke in easily, were comfortable and got several compliments. I highly recommend.

Chris G. 10/18/21

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